Bryant Calls Trump 'Grayling With A Hairpiece' In Commons EU Jibe

Donald Trump was described as Chris Grayling "with a hairpiece" as Labour and Tory frontbenchers traded insults over the EU referendum and "gutter" politics.

Shadow Commons leader Chris Bryant criticised David Cameron for his repeated attacks on Jeremy Corbyn at Prime Minister's Questions over the Labour leader previously referring to Hamas and Hezbollah as "friends".

Mr Bryant told the House during the business statement that "there ain't no gutter low enough for the Prime Minister to slop around in".

"That kind of despicable smearing of one's opponents I think degrades the whole of politics," he said.

"I would just say gently to the Government that those who live by the gutter die in the gutter."

But Mr Grayling, the Commons Leader, hit back and said: "I hear the language of politics on that side of the House as they fight like ferrets in a sack desperately working out how to deal with their leadership crisis and trying to deal with the endemic problem of anti-Semitism in their party."

Mr Bryant had earlier prompted laughter in the chamber as he made a joke about Mr Trump being the only prominent international figure to have said that Britain should vote to leave the European Union on June 23.

"The only international figure that wants us to leave is Donald Trump: Grayling with a hairpiece," he said.

"How on earth can the Leader of the House argue that we would increase our influence in the world by leaving the European Union?"

Mr Grayling is one of a handful of cabinet ministers campaigning for Brexit.