28/06/2016 00:01 BST | Updated 28/06/2017 06:12 BST

Opportunity As Well As Risk From Brexit, Sajid Javid To Tell Business Leaders

The Business Secretary will on Tuesday chair the first meeting of business leaders since the EU Referendum result.   

Sajid Javid is expected to acknowledge that while the economic risks of Brexit cannot be ignored there will be opportunities for businesses as well.

He will also give assurances that his department will do all it can to minimise risk and offer support to firms.

The event will be attended by the UK's leading business trade associations, including the CBI, Institute of Directors, EFF and the British Chambers of Commerce.

Senior business representatives from some of the UK’s largest sectors, including aerospace, defence, automotive, oil and gas, steel, rail, tourism and food and drink are also expected to attend to discuss issues their industries will face.

Mr Javid said: “I along with most business leaders wanted the UK to remain in the European Union.  But a clear majority of the country has voted to leave - the people have given the Government their instructions and it is our duty to carry them out.

“My objective now is to ensure that the negotiation of our future relationship with the EU is carried out in the interest of UK companies, investors, potential investors and workers.  I want to do that hand in glove with businesses and that’s why I’ll be sitting down with leaders of Britain’s biggest business organisations and industry representatives to hear their views.

“There are significant challenges ahead, but the economic success of the past few years means we’re better able to withstand the current market turbulence and work towards a better future.  The UK remains open for business."