28/07/2016 12:06 BST | Updated 29/07/2017 06:12 BST

David Cameron Received £21,000 Discounts From Personal Trainer

David Cameron's efforts to keep fit while in power were helped by more than £21,000 of discounts from a personal trainer, official records show.

He declared 150 cut-price sessions from trainer-to-the-stars Matt Roberts as donations during his time as prime minister.

Mr Cameron was photographed on several occasions running with Mr Roberts, who claims to work with some of the "most famous physiques" in fashion, music, politics and industry.

The former PM said the latest batch of 50 sessions from London-based Matt Roberts Personal Training were discounted by £7,500, or £150 per session.

The register of MPs' financial interests shows the donation was received and accepted on June 21 - two days before the EU referendum, the result of which saw Mr Cameron resign as PM.

This follows a similar £7,500 discount for 50 sessions in January 2013, £3,625 for 25 sessions in December 2011 and £3,250 for 25 sessions in November 2010.

The overall total from the declarations amounts to £21,875.

Mr Cameron's wife Samantha received a discount of £85 per session for 10 sessions in December 2011.

In each case, Mr Cameron gave money to a charity of Mr Roberts's choice in return.

The Witney MP wrote in his most recent entry to the register: "Discount of £150 per session on 50 sessions of personal training received since April 2013; total value £7,500. I have made a personal donation to a charity of my trainer's choice."

Mr Cameron became PM in May 2010 when a coalition government was formed with the Liberal Democrats before his party won power outright in May last year.