28/07/2016 02:45 BST | Updated 28/07/2017 06:12 BST

Pump Prices 'Should Be Cut By 3p Per Litre After Oil Price Drop'

The drop in the price of oil means there is a "compelling case" for cutting three pence per litre off unleaded and diesel prices, a motoring organisation has claimed.

The RAC said the price retailers pay for fuel has been falling for almost a month but pump prices have remained largely static over the same period.

Simon Williams of RAC Fuel Watch said: "There is now a compelling case for an immediate price cut of three pence per litre off the price of both petrol and diesel at forecourts.

"That would take average prices down to around 109p per litre, and would see some of the most competitive retailers selling unleaded and diesel around 106p."

Mr Williams said he hoped retailers were not "taking advantage of public perceptions" that fuel prices would rise following the Brexit vote last month.

"Retailers have a reasonable recent record of passing cost savings on, and we would like to think this is a blip rather than a new norm," he added.

Fuel prices have continued to rise since last winter, when the average cost of unleaded reached a low of £1.01 per litre.

Oil has hit around 43 US dollars a barrel - its lowest level since early May.