01/08/2016 00:01 BST | Updated 01/08/2017 06:12 BST

Aid Shouldn't Boost Trade, Labour Tells Priti Patel

Using aid to boost trade would be wrong, Labour has warned International Development Secretary Priti Patel.

The opposition raised objections after it was reported Ms Patel was planning to use Britain's development resources to help cut post-Brexit trade deals.

Labour's shadow international development secretary Kate Osamor insisted such a move would be a mistake.

"Not a good effort at all. I mean, it's not been hidden, in 2013 Priti Patel had said that International Development should be replaced with International Trade," she told the BBC.

"So, I'm not surprised to hear this statement, but actually that is a misrepresentation of what aid is.

"Aid should not be attached to trade, and I hope that she retracts from that statement, and actually ensues that those people who need aid, get aid."