09/08/2016 00:01 BST | Updated 09/08/2017 06:12 BST

Office's David Brent Will Have To Die Soon, Says Star Ricky Gervais

Ricky Gervais has revealed he will have to kill off his famous character from The Office "soon". 

The actor, 55, will soon be seen playing the popular character, David Brent, on the big screen.

In David Brent: Life On The Road fans will see the star of The Office trying for a last shot at fame with his band, Foregone Conclusion.

Asked if the character would die any time soon, he told Radio Times: "I don't know. Never say never, but I'll have to kill him off soon."

The original TV series was inspired by his own experiences working in an office for seven years.

He said: "I see a lot of him (David Brent) in me, but also in others over the years. We all want to be loved, to think we're popular and respected, to be thought of as interesting.

"And we're all prats sometimes, with egos we have to curb. I say if you don't know who the David Brent is in your office, it's you."

The Reading-born comedy star worked in the music industry in the 80s as part of a band called Seona Dancing before he became a comedian.

His big TV break came when he starred in Channel 4's Comedy Lab series.

On the small screen his role as Andy Millman in Extras has earned him an Emmy and The Office has won a Golden Globe. 

He told the Radio Times his mother told him he was a "mistake" due to the 11-year age gap with the rest of his siblings.

"She was being honest - no reflection on me. It could have been a different sperm. Who cares? Life is a mistake anyway," he said.

:: Read the full interview in this week's issue of Radio Times.