09/08/2016 13:25 BST | Updated 10/08/2017 06:12 BST

Caitlin Moran Urges 'Rebel Alliance' After Raised By Wolves Cancelled

Caitlin Moran has asked fans to take action after Channel 4 confirmed it has not recommissioned her sitcom Raised By Wolves.

The author and columnist, who penned the semi-autobiographical programme with her sister Caroline, has joined forces with the show's producer Big Talk in a bid to save it. 

Moran appeared in a YouTube video clip to encourage people to "join the rebel alliance" in order to bring the sitcom back for a third series.

In an expletive-laden message, the comedian said: "Due to a combination of the death of David Bowie and the unexpected Brexit vote, Raised By Wolves will not be returning to Channel 4 next year."

She added there is a "gigantic plan" in place before asking people to use the hashtag #upthewolves and visit a specially-made Facebook page to pledge their support to the campaign.

Channel 4 confirmed that, after two series, Raised By Wolves has not been recommissioned.

A statement read: "We are incredibly proud of launching Raised By Wolves and introducing the exploits of Della, Germaine, Aretha and their family to audiences, however Channel 4 is committed to a range of brand new series for next year.

"We wish Caitlin, Caz and our friends at Big Talk all the best."

Raised By Wolves first aired in 2013 and follows a version of the Moran sisters' upbringing in Wolverhampton, but is set in the modern day.

Actresses Helen Monks and Alexa Davies star as the two big sisters of the Garry family, helmed by an unconventional single mother, played by Rebekah Staton.