30/08/2016 14:47 BST | Updated 31/08/2017 06:12 BST

Jeremy Vine Posts Footage Of Encounter With Agitated Motorist While Cycling Home

Broadcaster Jeremy Vine has posted footage online of a barrage of foul-mouthed abuse from a car driver on his cycle home.

The irate woman, who confronted the BBC journalist in the middle of the road in Kensington, central London, threatened to knock Vine out and he claims also kicked out at his bike and made her hand into the shape of a gun and mimed firing it at him.

He posted footage of the encounter on his Facebook page on Tuesday, with the caption: "This happened on Friday. I hate to overload our hard-working London police with footage from my commute, but I feel the person you see on the tape will at some point hurt someone very badly - either with her car or in a direct personal assault."

Vine, 51, who has a regular slot on Radio 2 and presents TV shows including Panorama and Eggheads, declined interview requests, tweeting that he thought it was better to leave the police to deal with it.

He commutes by bike from his home in Chiswick to the BBC Radio 2 office near Oxford Circus, and previously said he had started wearing a helmet camera on a friend's recommendation to capture footage of dangerous driving. 

The video shows the driver of a black Vauxhall sounding the horn behind Vine, and getting out and shouting when he stops in front of her car to explain that he is cycling in the middle of the road for safety reasons.

She shouts: "Why the f*** would you stop in front of a car? You don't respect your f****** life. Move your bike, move your bike."

The presenter said that she then began kicking the bike off camera, as she shouted: "I could have hit you and I would be done for murder." As she returned to her car, she yelled: "You lot piss me off, f*** off." 

Later at a set of traffic lights the woman, who was wearing all black, had glasses and long, bright red hair, got out and again shouted at Vine, as he called out: "Don't assault me. You've already assaulted me. Are you going to hit me?"

She said: "If you take a picture of my car again I'm going to knock you out because that's my personal belongings. Don't f****** take a picture."

Off camera, Vine claimed that as he pulled alongside the car, she then made her hand into the shape of a gun and mimed firing it at him.