01/12/2016 08:54 GMT | Updated 01/12/2016 13:28 GMT

#TBT To The Time Trevor Noah's Biggest Gig Was His Own Web Series

The internet never forgets, and it especially won't forget young Bonang.

Trevor Noah // YouTube

He may be an international comedy star now but long before Trevor Noah was the host of "The Daily Show", he was interviewing local celebrities on his "Quality Time" web series with comedian Eugene Khoza. Because the internet never forgets, a 2012 episode of "Fantasy Kidnap With Trevor Noah and Eugene Khoza," a feature on the "Quality Time" series, has resurfaced and is doing the rounds.

And there is one other now-famous familiar face in the episode too, as Khoza and Noah welcome Bonang Matheba as their special guest. In his slightly too-big suit and tie, a young Noah joins forces with Khoza to kidnap Matheba and bring her to the "Quality Time"set for an interview. The three then act out a skit of "the number one thing guys would love to do with Bonang if they got her alone in a room". (Jump to 3:21 to see it. Yes, it is safe for work.)

What a difference a few years can make. Noah is now the host of an Emmy Award-winning satire news show in the USA and has written a bestselling autobiography. Matheba has just been named the first African ambassador for Brazilian shoe brand Ipanema. And Khoza, who recently took to Twitter to write an open letter to comedy about his grievances with the South African comedy industry, is gearing up for a new one-man show.