30/12/2016 10:05 GMT | Updated 30/12/2016 21:46 GMT

True Value Of Earnings Up To 30% Lower Than Pre-Crash Levels, Union Says

The real value of earnings for full-time workers is 12.6% below pre-crash levels, with some occupations showing a fall of more than 30%, new figures show.

A study by the GMB union revealed that pay for 33 jobs, including ophthalmic opticians, finance analysts, energy plant operatives and probation officers, have fallen by at least 30% since 2007.

Only 19 occupations have seen earnings increase when inflation is taken into account, including travel agents, company secretaries, brokers, TV engineers, pilots, musicians, hairdressing managers, farmers and taxi drivers.

Warren Kenny, the GMB's London regional secretary, said: "Since the great crash of 2007/8 the twin features of inflation of 27% and little or no pay rises has taken a heavy toll on the real value of average earnings for workers.

"The recovery in the economy has been very slow over the eight years since the crash and GDP per head is only now getting back to the level it was before the crash.

"Poverty is caused by employers and the Government abusing migrant labour, therefore, undermining local jobs using unprecedented bogus self employment and zero hour contracts in what is called the gig economy. This false employment status is no good for the individual, their family or the economy.

"Politicians and commentators have been quick to attack workers taking strike action to secure pay rises and demanding curbs on the right to strike.

"These figures should give them reasons to pause to consider the extent to which ordinary families doing the jobs to keep society functioning have borne the brunt of the crash. These workers deserve our support and need long overdue pay rises."