19/01/2017 11:28 GMT

Woman Uses 'Finding Nemo' Plot Line To Convince Tinder Match Her Brother Was Kidnapped

Today in WTF dating news, a woman told a guy she matched with on Tinder that her little brother was kidnapped - using the plot line from ‘Finding Nemo’.

And he believed her. 

Carly Karnatz told the guy, named Matthew, that she’d fallen out with her brother Reese, who had then swam out to sea and been taken by divers on a boat. 

She then embarked on a rather farfetched tale about how her brother was being kept in a tank and was apparently not the only person who had been kidnapped.

Matthew, whose middle name might just be Gullible, was completely taken in by the story. 

At one point, it looked as though he might finally be cottoning on when he asked why Carly had told him all of this, especially as he’s a complete stranger.

But when she replied that she just needed “someone to vent to”, he went with it. 

Carly shared screenshots of their conversation on Twitter, which have so far been shared more than 200 times. 

“I literally quoted ‘Finding Nemo’ to this boy and and he still thinks my brother was taken by divers and kept in a tank,” she wrote. “IT’S THE PLOT TO NEMO.”

She later told Mashable that she’d conducted the whole prank because the guy in question wouldn’t stop messaging her if she didn’t reply to him.

“So as payback for him being annoying I decided to prank him,” she concluded. 

The good news is that her brother has since been rescued from 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney.