07/02/2017 04:38 GMT | Updated 07/02/2017 04:49 GMT

When To Replace Your Mattress, Towels, Perfume And Other Stuff

Thankfully, there's never been more of a spotlight on the psychology behind why we love to shop and buy new things. The trend of minimalism (living only with items you need and not buying stuff 'just because') is really taking off, and if it continues, the planet will be better for it.

But then you have to look at the flip side. Very few household items last forever, so when is the right time to replace your necessities?

Take a kid's car seat for example. It's made out of fabric and plastic so in theory, will last forever. However, for safety reasons you should invest in a new one every six years or so (bad news for hand-me-downs).

In good news for your wallet and the environment, things like soy sauce, baking soda, honey and vinegar last indefinitely.

For a timeline of when to turf and rebuy all the stuff in your home, check out the below infographic. Keep in mind though, if you use the items frequently, they may need replacing sooner.

Infographic from Quid Corner