08/02/2017 13:55 GMT | Updated 09/02/2017 02:15 GMT

Government Urged To Clarify Immigration Stance For Post-Brexit UK

Labour has called on the Government to come clean with its plans for immigration after Brexit, as it urged ministers to put the economy at the heart of negotiations.

The Opposition is seeking to amend proposals allowing Theresa May to start formal Brexit talks by placing five key objectives at the heart of the Government's strategy.

These include maintaining a strong and stable economy, as well as continuing tariff-free trading arrangements with the European Union.

Labour's amendment, new clause two, also calls for a specific focus on cooperation in science and research, workers rights and maintaining peace in Northern Ireland during the divorce deal.

Shadow Brexit minister Paul Blomfield said: "Our approach is to put the economy and jobs of the British people first and to get the right trading relationship with the EU."

Turning to immigration, he added: "The only real way of substantially reducing numbers crash the economy, and it may be that will be the effect of the Government's negotiations.

"But assuming that is not their plan, they now need to come clean with the British people...on this red line – what is their plan?

"If taking control of immigration is what is defining this Government's approach to Brexit, the minister, in his closing remarks, needs to make clear, what are the Government's intentions?"