05/03/2017 00:01 GMT | Updated 05/03/2017 13:25 GMT

Geri Horner: My Music Has Gone 'Full Circle' Since Spice Girls

Former Spice Girl Geri Horner has said she feels her music has gone "full circle" as she prepares to present a new show reflecting on her rise to fame.

The singer, 44, will look back at the experience she achieved in the 90s and the wider music scene as she fronts Geri's 1990s: My Drive To Freedom on BBC2.

Speaking about the recording of the programme, Horner said it had "stirred up lots of memories that could so easily have been forgotten".

She added: "I think I've gone almost full circle as an artist. I turned 18 in 1990 so, as a young adult, there was a huge bravado and an unconscious spirit that drove me forward with confidence and abandonment.

"But, as one gets older, gets more life experience and absorbs outside influences, we get more cautious and sometimes over-think things.

Horner, who recently had her second child, said: "Now, in the essence of the music I'm making and the lyrics I'm communicating, I've really just gone back to where I started.

"I'm writing songs instinctively about how I feel rather than trying to be in with the in-crowd."

Asked if she would do anything differently if she were to launch her career now, Horner said: "Wisdom with hindsight can be obnoxious, yet also useful and humbling.

"Sometimes they are cringe moments we all want to forget, but we can also develop any awkward experiences into comfortable truths. I think the best way to look back at any regrets is with compassion and humour."

She added: "One large spoonful of humility can help."

The show will look at the rave scene, boy bands, Brit Pop and Girl Power, and feature interviews with some of the star's friends and family and big names from the decade.

It comes as Horner is reported to have put her reunion with ex-Spice Girls Mel B and Emma Bunton on hold to focus on her family.

:: Geri's 1990s: My Drive To Freedom airs on Saturday March 11 at 9pm on BBC Two.