05/03/2017 05:38 GMT | Updated 05/03/2017 05:42 GMT

KZN Boasts Most Free Condoms In SA
Condoms, supplied by the government to help fight the HIV AIDS pandemic. South Africa.

KwaZulu-Natal has more free condoms at public health facilities than any other province, averaging 54 condoms per male aged over 15.

That's according to the latest Health System Trust report on the state of health facilities in the country.

But, despite government spending millions on free condom distribution aimed at reducing the spread of HIV, the report said there was a decline in the use of condoms.

"Some of the challenges impeding the effectiveness of condoms in preventing HIV transmission are the inconsistent and incorrect use of condoms and the likelihood that couples in longer-term relationships discontinue the use of condoms," noted the report.

Government has continued to push to increase condom use, going further to introduce free condoms in different scents and colours.

KZN is battling to reduce its high teenage pregnancy rates, with some schools reporting more than 60% of its girls pregnant. South Africa has more than 90 000 pregnant teenagers, with 26 000 from KZN.

The report noted that KZN had done well in most areas of healthcare, including HIV tests, ARV take-up and reducing its mother to child transmission of HIV.

However, the province continued to battle with TB, diabetes and reducing the spread of new HIV infections among young women.

The report also found that hypertension remained high in South Africa compared to other African countries.

It called for urgent measures to strengthen the country's primary healthcare systems to control the growing burden of disease.

In particular, the report noted, was concern around limited public awareness on hypertension, diabetes and other non-communicable diseases.

It called for more effort to ensure proper planning on dealing with the such diseases. -- News24