07/03/2017 09:29 GMT | Updated 07/03/2017 13:14 GMT

AKA Defends Convicted Sex Offender Okmalumkoolkat: 'White Media Wants To Destroy YOUR Heroes, YOUR Celebrities'


Gallo Images via Getty Images

Rapper AKA collaborated with convicted sex offender Okmalumkoolkat and defended his decision by arguing that "white Media wants to destroy your heroes, your celebrities".

On Sunday City Press published a story in its #trending section on AKA's collaboration with the local rapper and tweeted a link to the story on Monday.

It was on AKA's album art for "Caiphus Song" which was done by Okmalumkoolkat. The weekly feature, usually called "Design of the week" was this week referred to as "(Not the) design of the week." The editors took the baton from Mail and Guardian's Friday team who featured Okmalumkoolkat's album "Mlazi Milano" at the end of January, while drawing attention to the artist's conviction.

In the #trending article which now appears on W24, the journalist Garreth van Niekerk, spoke to both Okmalumkoolkat and AKA about the album art but when he asked AKA about the conviction, AKA said he felt "tricked" into commenting saying: "All the complications other people have with him, the media, that means nothing to me. I work with the man, and that's it. That's all I'm prepared to say."

Well, after the above mentioned tweet, he had more to say.

After implying that "the white media" is trying to bring Okmalumkoolkat and other talented artists down for whatever reason, AKA said he felt Okmalumkoolkat had been punished enough. He served one month of a six-month sentence, the remaining five months were suspended.

Ok. City Press didn't say he raped anyone but, we'll let AKA finish.

When Okmalumkoolkat apologised publicly via social media, his remorse was directed at his fans. This apology was critiqued by artist Lady Skollie who drew attention to the number of times he referred to "I", "myself", "me" and "my". The number totalled to 37 references to himself.

AKA reiterated that white media wanted to ruin people's heroes when it suited them. He then tweeted "Now.... back to regular scheduled programming .....", which may have led to an assumption that he was done. But then he carried on, bringing up the fanfare there is around Chris Brown, who was convicted for abusing Rihanna, and R.Kelly who has been accused by a number of women for sexual abuse over the years.

AKA wrapped up his monologue with this tweet: