Trevor Noah Smacks Down Donald Trump: 'He's A Proven Troll'

“How can you be a conspiracy theorist when you’re the president?”
Trevor Noah, right, and his make-believe tinfoil-hatted president.
Trevor Noah, right, and his make-believe tinfoil-hatted president.
Comedy Central

Trevor Noah is one person who refuses to take President Donald Trump's unfounded accusations of wiretapping seriously.

"This whole story is such B.S. First of all, no one needs to spy on Donald Trump. You can just follow him on Twitter," Noah said Monday on "The Daily Show." "And secondly, he's a proven troll. We're not going to waste our lives trying to disprove 'Obama Birth Certificate, Part 2.' And definitely not before the president offers a shred of evidence.

"What we will do is enjoy this tangerine roller coaster and the ride it takes us on."

What Noah doesn't understand is how the president can be such a conspiracy theorist.

"You're the person with the access to all the information," Noah said. "People make conspiracies because they don't know the truth."

Noah then imagined Trump wearing a tinfoil hat, going, "The government is spying on me!"

"But you are the government!" Noah responded back.

"I know!" said Tinfoil Trump. "It goes all the way to the top!"

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