11/04/2017 07:18 BST | Updated 11/04/2017 10:43 BST

Try This 10-Minute Mango Crème Brulee

Dessert has never been easier.

In our HuffPost Yum series we share short, sharp recipe videos showing you how to make some South African favourites, plus new dishes for you to try at home. Watch the video above to see this made and see more detailed instructions below. Enjoy!

Mango Brulee

Prep time: 10 min

250ml full cream yoghurt

1-2 ripe mangoes (depending on size)

20ml treacle sugar

125ml blueberries

Ingredients :

1. Slice sides of mango and cut squares into flesh side. Remove the mango flesh and place in a bowl.

2. Build desert by placing mango first into desert bowl, then add a few blueberries to taste, cover fruit with yoghurt and top off with a few spoonfuls of treacle sugar. Store in fridge.