21/04/2017 12:08 BST

14 Problems You Only Have If You Are An Extrovert

From the outside, it might look like extroverts have got it all sorted – confident, always the centre of attention and with more friendships than hot dinners. 

But thriving on energy from others can be exhausting, not to mention logistically tricky when everyone else just assumes you are a clingy nightmare.  

Here are 14 problems that only extroverts will understand.

1. Getting disproportionately upset when plans get cancelled.

2. Wanting to surround yourself with friends when they just want to watch Netflix alone. 

3. Struggling to think before words leave your mouth. 

4. Having to discuss your problems with a panel of friends to get everyone’s advice. 

5. Embarrassing yourself more frequently as you are always centre of attention. 

6. Oversharing way too much with your colleagues.

7. Having to be the social organiser in every group of friends because no one else cares that much.

8. Being the group admin for 1000 Whatsapp threads.

9. Experiencing FOMO 24/7 even when you have plans. 

10. Knowing you’re going to burn out but being unable to stop yourself.

11. Ending up being the last one on the dancefloor at every party because you don’t know when to leave.

12. Agreeing to do things you don’t want to do just so you don’t miss out. 

13. Facing rejection every time you try to talk to a stranger in the street.

14. Being incorrectly labelled as really self-confident just because you’re loud.