27/04/2017 00:01 BST | Updated 27/04/2017 06:25 BST

Government Accounts 'Should Detail Spending To Show Value For Money'

It should be easier for citizens and MPs to assess whether Government spending offers value for money, a cross-party committee has said.

Government accounts should offer more detail about spending on services so members of the public can identify the cost of a visit by a police officer or a child's place in a school.

The Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee said that although departmental accounts are a "credible record of expenditure and the balance sheet", they should be more informative.

Committee chairman Bernard Jenkin said: "Financial accountability lies at the heart of parliamentary sovereignty and of democratic government.

"Parliament can only be what Gladstone described it as - the real authoritative steward of the public finances - if the government improves the accounts."

The committee's report said: "Our vision is that accounts should report on the value for money of government services, the commitments made to Parliament by government, and provide a credible record of expenditure and the balance sheet.

"Currently we believe that they are only meeting the last requirement."