26/04/2017 06:55 BST | Updated 26/04/2017 06:57 BST

Vince Vaughn To Produce Documentary About Relationship Between Police And Race

Lucy Nicholson / Reuters

Actor and producer Vince Vaughn is producing a documentary "focused on the relationship between African American communities and the police."

The documentary is for AT&T's Audience Network and Vaughn's company Wild West Picture Show Productions has reportedly been working on the project for a year now, according to Deadline.

Network head Chris Long told Deadline that they chose the topic because they were "interested in something that's happening in the media, but that part of the story's not being told."

"We said to ourselves, 'You can't do it in a soundbite, you can't do it with four people on a split screen arguing. You have to find out what's the real struggle, and that's part of getting the story to be authentic.'"

Vaughn told the publication that he hopes the film will "humanize people on both sides."

"I've had friends who've grown up in that environment, I've also had friends who are police officers, and there's a lot of fear on both sides. I think the situation causes a lot of problems, so it's really a chance to sit with the people and getting access to them and seeing their daily lives," he said.

Outside of Long and Vaughn, it's unclear as to who else is contributing to the project. But, seeing as both Long and Vaughn are white men and the project is largely about the relationship between cops and black Americans, here's hoping they work with people of color who can ― and should ― help shape that narrative, too.

Vaughn went on to say to Deadline that podcasts helped inspire him to pursue a long-form nonfiction narrative, noting he likes "the time spent getting into details."

The film has not been formally announced yet, so there are no details available regarding a release date.