12/05/2017 13:05 BST | Updated 12/05/2017 15:58 BST

Why Twitter Isn't Banning Donald Trump

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has revealed why he doesn’t plan on banning President Donald Trump from the microblogging service anytime soon — despite facing repeated calls to do so.

I believe it’s really important to hear directly from our leadership,” he told NBC’s “Sunday Today” in an interview which airs Sunday. A preview was posted online Thursday.

It’s critical to hold leaders accountable and conversations should be held “out in the open rather than have them behind closed doors,” Dorsey said. 

“If we were all to suddenly take these platforms away, where does it go? What happens?” he asked. “It goes in the dark, and I just don’t think that’s good for anyone.”

Trump faces constant criticism over the way he uses Twitter to goad, insult and trash political opponents, celebrities and basically anyone else he disagrees with.

Actors Meryl StreepAlec Baldwin and Rosie O’Donnell are among those who have felt his fury in recent weeks.

And in March, Trump tweeted ― without evidence ― that former President Barack Obama had ordered wiretaps on Trump Tower ahead of the 2016 election.

Trump’s controversial Twitter habits prompted Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) to last week urge the president to harness the service to help “elevate the conversation.”

Be a uniting force, not a dividing force,” Booker said in a Vox video. “Be an elevating force, not a degrading force.”

So far, however, Trump appears to be ignoring the advice.