14/05/2017 06:58 BST | Updated 14/05/2017 09:25 BST

This Is How Katlego Ncala And Her Mom Will Spend Mother's Day

Trinity Ncala says mothers should not be afraid to discipline their children.

Trinity Ncala, the mother of Yo TV presenter, Katlego, says family time is the highlight of every Mother's Day, but her daughter believes it maybe time to change the tradition.

HuffPost SA caught up with Ncala and her 17-year-old daughter, who is Miss Teen World 2015.

Ncala said every Mother's Day, she first takes her family to church.

"They know that on the day, which normally falls on a Sunday, we start at church before anything else. When we come back it is then time for a family lunch," said Ncala.

Katlego said the lunch gives the family time to be together, but, she says, her and her siblings always want to do something for their mom.

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"Mom still insists on us having the family lunch which we will do in her celebration. Later in the day we will take her out for a meal of beef ribs and a movie," said Katlego.

She said of all the lessons learnt from her mother so far, there is one that she will not forget.

"My mom taught me that as one speaks things into existence. She also taught me as much as I can speak things into being, faith without work is dead. My mom taught me that I need to work hard towards whatever I want in my life, and use my faith to command those things to happen," she said.

The pair said they spend a lot of time together, "doing girls' stuff".

"We always take Katlego to work and at times have to wait for her to finish work, she is always around me. We also go to gym together sometimes," said Ncala.

In her Mother's Day message, Ncala encouraged mothers to pray for their children and not be afraid to instill discipline.

"Also, moms, support them [your kids]. Allow them to make their mistakes and be there for them when they fail. In whatever your children decide to become, take their hand and assure them that you will be there. I wish every single one of you many blessings on this happy Mother's Day. May it be a beautiful one," said Ncala.

Katlego said she is grateful for her mother's never-ending support.

"I have big dreams to become a powerful woman in business one day and to walk the stage at the Academy Awards, I don't how that will come to being, but it's a dream of mine and mom makes me believe I can do anything I set my mind on. She is my number one supporter and I am blessed to have her," she told HuffPost SA.