19/06/2017 14:54 BST | Updated 20/06/2017 05:11 BST

Pap Culture Spoke To Kwesta About 'Men Are Trash' And His Responses Were Dismal, To Say The Least

Honestly. We have no idea what he was trying to say.

YouTube/Pap Culture

Saying men are trash, without talking about women also being trash, is like saying white people are trash for slavery, and that there are no bad black people. This is what six-time South African Music Award winner, Kwesta believes.

The rapper was interviewed by Pap Culture's Thembe Mahlaba and Nwabisa Mda, in the "Ride Along" segment of their You Tube based platform.

In June, Pap Culture is exploring the men are trash conversation and their latest instalment was an interview with the rapper whose real name is Senzo Vilakazi.

To say it was disappointing would be putting it mildly.

When Mda and Mahlaba said flat out that men are trash, Kwesta retorted with "I know women who are trash too".

Mda said women would be a topic of conversation for episode 4,000 while Mahlaba said "let's just tunnel vision, men are trash and then we can get to that point".

This focus on men alone, Kwesta said, is the problem.

"We've been in slavery as black people for like, what, 500 years or whatever. And that's like saying white people are trash and that's it and saying no black person is bad."

Mda said that would be a conversation for year 3000, and that what Kwesta was saying was almost like saying all lives matter.

Kwesta's answer for that was simple. "It's like saying black lives matter. They do but so do coloured lives, Indian lives and..."

Mda and Mahlaba then explained that coloured people and Indian people fall under the categorisation of black. To which Kwesta said: "OK, white lives matter."

Mahlaba tried to explain to Kwesta how difficult it was to have conversations with men on this topic because the constant rebuttal was bringing women's problematic behaviour to the fore too without really offering thoughts on the issue at hand.

"All I'm saying is, sometimes I feel like anytime you want to talk to a man and you're just like 'hey men are trash, what do you think about it', we always have to be like 'ja and women are' and we can never just sikhulume ngani," she said.

While she was explaining her thoughts, Kwesta interrupted her, and that's basically where the ride along ends.

Prior to this dismal ending, Kwesta said a whole lot of things about honesty that we don't understand.


Yeah, that's what we thought too.

Watch the full interview with Pap Culture below.