19/06/2017 05:28 BST | Updated 19/06/2017 05:32 BST

Zuma: Land Must Be Resolved Within Bounds Of The Law

President Jacob Zuma says there can be no complete freedom without economic freedom.

Siphiwe Sibeko / Reuters

In contrast to an incident on Friday where President Jacob Zuma was booed, the president was warmly received by a crowd during a Youth Day celebration outside Durban on Sunday. Zuma called for the land question to be resolved within the bounds of the law and the Constitution, TimesLive reported on Monday.

He was reportedly booed during an address in the North West on Friday, where a small group of people began chanting "Zuma must fall". Some were dragged out of the venue by security.

But on Sunday, he reportedly seemed buoyed by the supportive crowd, telling them that it was "more than correct" to implement policies that were "radical, revolutionary and changing the status quo economically".

"The land question is very much related to the economy. The day there was dispossession of land‚ that's the day poverty began‚ that's the day inequality began‚ that's the day unemployment began...

"The land question is a critical question. We must resolve that question within the law‚ within the constitution. If the law is not enough‚ let us take it to the point. If the constitution is not enough‚ let us take the constitution to the point," he reportedly said.

He also encouraged young people to fight for economic freedom.

"I'm very clear that political freedom without economic freedom is not a complete freedom. That's my view and I think my view is correct."