We're Absolutely Rooting For Tyra Banks' Smizing 1-Year-Old Son

Tyra Banks hasn’t ruled out a future modelling career for York

If there's one thing Tyra Banks knows in this world it's smizing.

So, it's no surprise that she passed on her greatest contribution to our culture ― besides the iconic "I was rooting for you" GIF ― to her offspring, who might just out-model his mom one day.

Banks shared a photo of her 16-month-old son, York, on social media Sunday to celebrate Father's Day. The supermodel welcomed her first child with Norwegian photographer Erik Asla, who regularly appeared on "Americas Next Top Model," via surrogacy in January 2016.

"To all the amazing daddies out there that love their kids unconditionally like my mommy's daddy and my daddy, too," she wrote in the caption. "HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!"

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For the record, Banks hasn't ruled out a future modeling career for York, revealing that she would encourage her son to go into the business if he so chooses.

"I'd be like, 'Baby, of course you can model. You can do whatever the hell you want to do,'" Banks told Entertainment Tonight. "Unfortunately, male models, you know, their success and their pay is not like what my pay was as a model. There's such a huge disparity."

We can't wait to see York posing in a greek feta salad or with a spider on his face on "ANTM," because that show will outlive us all.

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