29/06/2017 11:12 BST | Updated 28/09/2017 07:30 BST

The Little Run 300m Race You Probably Didn't Know About, And Why Wayde Van Niekerk Is An All-Round Olympian

Another record broken by Wayde Van Niekerk, but in the unusual 300m.

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Wayde van Niekerk made history again on Wednesday at the IAAF Athletics meeting, when he broke the 300m world's best, clocking in at 30.81 in Ostrava, Czech Republic. It is now the second time that Wayde has broken a record - which was previously held by USA's Micheal Johnson, after beating his record at the 2016 Rio Olympics and again in the 300m, yes the 300m.


The Little Run 300m

300m races in track events are seldom-run, it is an unusual race the tests speed, stamina and resilience. The 300m dash is a mixture of the long-distance running, like the 400m and requires the speed of a sprint runner, like the 200m. Ironically, The Little Run 300m, as it title may suggest, is far from little, it is draining and excruciating discipline.

The 300m is an informal division since it is ratified there is no 'world-record' but rather 'worlds-best' and it is a race that could be used to aid a 200m runner's stamina or a 400 m runner's speed. You need to find the balance in your strategy when running the 300, and with this exclusive race rarely ran, athletes may find it difficult training and running the 300.

Here is an illustration of The Little Run 300m mark. Wayde clocked in at 30.81, with an average of 10.27 per 100m

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Wayde Can Run Any Race

Wayde Van Niekerk had promised to get "ridiculous" and the South African who is supposedly the heir to Usain Bolt's throne, did just that when he made history and showed the world why he is South Africa's undisputed track superstar by holding records across four different divisions.

This is now the second time Wayde Van Niekerk has beaten another record held by Micheal Johson, after eclipsing him Wayde looks well on his way to smashing even more records.Van Niekerk reportedly beat Johnson's record by four-hundredths of a second with a final time of 30.81 seconds.

After beating Usain Bolt's as well, Wayde seems to be defying the odds by conquering everything in his way, Wayde is fulfilling his potential as South Africa's first world star track runner, and possibly eclipsing Usain Bolt.

Already the fastest in the world for the 200m, Van Niekerk will now attempt to become the second man in history to win the 200m, 300m, and 400m at the world championships. Wayde Van Niekerk is proving his worth as a versatile Olympian and all eyes will be on him in August when he runs in the IAAF World Championship in London.