02/07/2017 00:01 BST | Updated 02/07/2017 10:45 BST

Charles Shows He Is Game For A Challenge On Canada Trip

The Prince of Wales may be from the generation that left computer games to their children but he was willing to have a go at playing one, albeit with his body.

Charles tried his hand at a game where the person's movements controlled it and ended up swaying and bending during a visit to a tech company in Canadian capital Ottawa.

Designed by computer science undergraduate Anna Malchow-Perryman it challenged users to move a marble around a maze, and she made it look easy when she gave a demonstration.

When the heir to the throne took on the challenge he moved forward, swayed, then stepped backwards and forwards again and exasperated said "come on" as the virtual marble refused to move.

But, like a man trying to keep his balance on a frozen lake, Charles eventually got the hang of it and was given a round of applause.

Ms Malchow-Perryman said: "The game was something I created for a project, when I was debugging it I played it a lot so I got quite good at it.

"I think the prince did well, considering it takes a little bit of getting used to it."