Birmingham City Boss Harry Redknapp 'Properly Worried' Over Cancer Scare

Football manager Harry Redknapp has said a recent cancer scare had him "properly worried" for the first time.

The 70-year-old Birmingham City boss said his wife Sandra had persuaded him to go to the doctor after he began to feel unwell.

Surgeons removed a tumour from his bladder and test results showed it was not malignant, Mr Redknapp told the Sun on Sunday.

He said: "I could feel it in my body - I knew it wasn't right.

"This is the first time I've been properly worried.

"I knew I didn't feel good. You know when something is not right, but it was Sandra who pushed me to the doctor in the end.

"I am lucky. I know that because it could have been malignant."

He will now have check-ups every three months but put health problems down to growing older, saying: "That is life, unfortunately."

Mr Redknapp, once tipped to become England manager, has suffered several health issues including double knee replacement surgery which he said forced him to quit his job as QPR boss in 2015.

In 1990, Mr Redknapp, who has managed Tottenham, Southampton, West Ham and Portsmouth, was seriously injured in a crash near Rome, Italy, that killed his friend Brian Tiler.

He last hit the headlines when he reportedly ran over his wife's foot in his Range Rover in what he called a "freak accident".