02/08/2017 12:53 BST | Updated 02/08/2017 12:53 BST

Here's Why Rami Chuene May As Well Be Crowned The New Queen Of Everything

All hail Rami πŸ‘‘ πŸ‘‘


South African actress, Rami Chuene this week made the most dramatic debut in the second season of the soap series "The Queen" -- she came in with a bang, literally.

Entering as Goldfinger's widow, Chuene takes on the role of Gracious Mabuza who, already on her first episode, has shot and killed eight people.

It was her prayer though, that got us talking and taking notes for the day we make it in life.

While sitting for a brunch with her daughter, Goodness (played by Zenande Mfenyane), Gracious thanked God for the food because she knew there were people out in the world who don't even know what strawberries smell like. In the prayer, which came as a surprise to Goodness' boyfriend, Kagiso (played by Loyiso McDonald), Gracious said: "But because we have been blessed, we are fortunate, we are the head and not the tail".

Earlier this year, Ferguson Films challenged Chuene to get 10,000 retweets to a post in order for her to join the show as Brutus' wife.

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Although we knew that Chuene was worth all the retweets and that she was going to exceed our expectations in delivering the best she's known for, we were blown away by this particular level of excellence and we love it.

It seems we are not the only ones.

Julius Malema also enjoyed Chuene's performance with us:

Twitter users were also in as much awe of Chuene as we were:

Viva queen Chuene, continue doing the damn thing!