5 Times Grace Mugabe Got Violent While Abroad

"Doctor Stop It" from Zimbabwe seems to get away with violence all around the world.

Zimbabweans are not surprised by allegations of Grace Mugabe beating a woman with an extension cord while in South Africa, Communist Party of Zimbabwe general-secretary Nicholas Mabena told City Press on Tuesday.

Her alleged history of violence has won her the title "Doctor Stop It" in Zimbabwe, he said, adding she needs to go for anger management.

The assault in Johannesburg on Sunday is also not the first time Mugabe has found herself on the wrong side of the law in a foreign country.

These are five instances in which she's lost her cool while abroad:


Upon arrival in Singapore in August, Grace and her husband President Robert Mugabe - who was to visit hospital for a routine medical check-up - were reportedly irritated by the presence of dozens of journalists.

Grace was briefly detained by police after she allegedly assaulted reporters and threw their cellphones into a pond. According to Bulawyo24.com, she had to reimburse the victims with approximately USD 1300 (approximately R17 200) to secure her release.

The violence wouldn't end there, however. She is additionally alleged to have paid money to reporters in Singapore to prevent the incident making front-page headlines. When it did, a member of Mugabe's close protection unit was accused of leaking information and allegedly tortured and beaten.

Meanwhile, back in Zimbabwe, the Reuters offices were reportedly stormed in the capital Harare by police and state security agents after a leak to their office was shared with Reuters in Singapore which explained why many journalists knew of the arrival of the Mugabes.

Investigative journalist Khuluma Afrika said journalists at Reuters Zimbabwe were promised "severe consequences should any further leaks lead back to them".


Back in 2009, a British photographer claimed he was beaten and punched repeatedly by the first lady while trying to photograph here in Hong Kong.

She is reported by the Mirror UK to have lost her temper when she saw photographer Richard Jones waiting outside a five-star hotel where she was staying.

A Sunday Times (UK) correspondent, Michael Sheridan, who witnessed the event said Mugabe had instructed her bodyguard to attack Jones. "The bodyguard grabbed Mr Jones, wrestled with him, ... then held him while Mrs Mugabe struck him in the face repeatedly," Sheridan said.

"She was completely deranged, absolutely raging with anger," Jones added according to the Mail&Guardian. He suffered cuts and bruises said to have been caused by the "diamond rings on her fingers," he said.

At the time, Sheridan said the reporters were reporting on Mugabe to show the "obvious contrast between her extravagant lifestyle and the plight of the people in Zimbabwe".


Also in 2009, Mugabe was in VIP transit in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia when she walked from the international to domestic transit zone. Attempting to return to the correct area, she is reported to have been stopped by airport security whom indicated she was walking through a clearly-marked 'exit only' walkway.

Grace, however, refused to go through another check-in process, ultimately assaulting airport staff. According to Zimbabwe's Nehanda Radio, an eye-witness said she grabbed a member of security staff by the collar and "bellowed that she was the wife of a President and could do whatever the hell she wanted to whenever she wanted to".

Members of the Mugabe entourage had to plead with Malaysian authorities after the resolved to declare her a security risk and potentially arrest. She eventually made it out of Malaysia unscathed.


Communist Party of Zimbabwe general secretary Nicholas Mabena on Tuesday said Mugabe "is a violent person by nature" before referring to an alleged recent assault of a journalist in Dubai.

"You know what she did in Dubai when she assaulted journalists. She has a record of assaulting individuals," he said.

Meanwhile, she's not the only Mugabe family member to go rogue in Dubai. In 2006, her elder son was reportedly in hot water with Dubai officials who allegedly caught him with drugs in the flashy United Arab Emirates city. A renowned exiled Zimbabwean musician, Thomas Mapfumo, told Nahanda Radio in Zimbabwe that President Robert Mugabe had "rushed to Dubai... to rescue his son".

"They (Dubai authorities) were going to execute him. He paid with diamonds to free his son, we know that," said Mapfumo according to Nehanda Radio.


This week, Grace was accused of assaulting Johannesburg model Gabriella Engels at a Sandton hotel over the weekend.

Engels says that no level of intimidation will make her drop the assault case against Mugabe.

"I just hope that the fact that I'm being strong enough to speak against her and that means I can be the voice for other people who she assaulted," she said.

EWN reporting that First Lady Dr Amai Grace Mugabe is still in the country but her whereabouts are unknown. pic.twitter.com/uisvP2PM5W

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