Zweli Mkhize Announces He Is Ready To Run For President

The ANC Treasurer-General said he would run for the country's top spot if he were nominated.

ANC Treasurer-General Zweli Mkhize says he would run for presidency if he were nominated.

EWN reported that Mkhize said he was ready to accept nominations from branches in the party for the country's top spot.

He also reportedly said he was ready for any smear campaign that may be thrown his way.

EWN reported that Mkhize, when asked if he was ready to serve, said: "I'm ready to be part of the leadership and I'll be ready to serve. I'll accept the nominations where they nominate me.

"I would not doubt that there will be attempts to throw mud at whoever has got their names mentioned. I would not doubt that there will be those who want to create confusion."

He said should he be elected president, his priorities will be to renew the party, revive the confidence of South Africans and to focus on strengthening governance.