23/09/2017 10:17 BST | Updated 23/10/2017 08:28 BST

Best Of The Blogs 23 September: The Blogs You Should Be Reading Right Now

Catch up on this week's best blogs.


1. Urban Migration: What The Marikana Informal Settlement Judgment Teaches

Urban migration is a global phenomenon, to which South Africa is not immune. Thousands of South Africans move to urban areas every year in search of better opportunities including better remuneration, education, work opportunities and improved services. Read more.

2. KPMG SA Has Shown A Flagrant Disregard For Our Cherished Democracy

Releasing bad news on a Friday afternoon to avoid media scrutiny is what defines as a Friday news dump, which was exactly what KPMG SA did on Friday, 15 September 2017, with the release of a statement that an independent review concluded that the auditing firm produced substandard work and that it is withdrawing its report based on an investigation into the High-Risk Investigations Unit of the South African Revenue Service, writes Jeanette Buis.

3. Talking Openly About Menstruation Remains A Major Taboo

Many cultures perpetuate myths relating to menstruation. For example, in some cultures, women and girls are told that during their menstrual cycle they should not bathe [or they will become infertile], touch a cow [or it will become infertile], look in a mirror [or it will lose its brightness] or touch a plant [or it will die]. Read more.

4. The Sad Histories Of The PAC And AZAPO Stand As Stark Warnings To The ANC

Until now, breakaways from the ANC -– the PAC, the United Democratic Movement, the Congress of the People and the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) –- have been minor, and except for the EFF, shrunk with each successive election. That may not be true of all future breakaways, says Keith Gottschalk.

5. Does Cyber-Infidelity Shield Your Polyamorous Need -- Yes Or No?

Were I to ask you whether or not you believe in cheating, you would answer "no"? I'm betting that even Cyril Ramaphosa would say he believes in the principle of fidelity and marital honesty. Were I to ask you whether or not you're cheating online as you sext, chat, flirt with a person who is not your partner, you'd probably say "no". Read more.

6. Taxpayers Cannot Simply Accept Moyane's Word When A R23 Million Investigation Has Been Discredited

On Monday, SARS Commissioner Tom Moyane once again assumed his very familiar role –- that of the victim. Only this time, he launched a scathing attack on the auditing firm KPMG in a dismal attempt to convince South Africans that he is defending the proud institution he represents. Read more.

7. Women -- The Gatekeepers Of Patriarchy

When engaging the subject of patriarchy, we rarely acknowledge the contribution women make in endorsing this evil, as it is in the public and exclusive spaces that women hold where patriarchal mannerisms manifest and men are placed on a pedestal, even in their absence. Read more.