Getty Makes 'Hugely Positive Move' By Banning Images That Photoshop Models' Body Shape

It’s been described as ‘long overdue’.

Photoshopped images are often blamed for negatively impacting body image and self-esteem among women and girls. A recent study published in August found looking at photos of slim women for just 15 minutes “has a negative impact on women’s health”.

Following a new law in France calling for greater transparency around digitally-altered images, Getty Images has announced it will be banning the use of Photoshop on its stock images.

The photos in question, which are are routinely used by the media and creative agencies, will no longer be manipulated to make models “look thinner or larger”.

The policy change, which comes into effect on 1 October, has been praised by body-positive campaigners who hailed it as a “hugely positive move” and said they hope other companies follow suit.

jeffbergen via Getty Images

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