27/09/2017 10:38 BST | Updated 28/09/2017 01:13 BST

How To Use Your Intuition (And When To Ignore It)

We all have the ability.

Anthony Harvie

You'll often hear people say they 'felt it in their gut' or that 'something didn't feel quite right'. What's being referred to is intuition. Though like psychics and astrology, intuition is one of those things we're not quite sold on. Is it legit or a hippy dippy concept?

Author and business coach Craigh Wilson believes that intuition is the real deal and that it can be used to our advantage if we know how to tune into it. While he thinks women have more of it or are more in tune with it, he believes everybody has the ability.

Wilson has written a book, 'Intuitive', which is a practical guide to understanding and using your intuition in both your professional and personal life.

He's got over a decade of experience helping clients (including a bunch of Fortune 500 leaders), in doing so and believes that intuition can serve us in making decisions, but it's important we use it at the right time.

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You might get a gut feeling about a person you've met for the first time. Thats intuition.

"Intuition is a culmination of experiences, instinct and the senses. Intuition includes heightened touch, sight, smell, taste, hearing and feeling," Wilson told HuffPost Australia.

"When you shake someone's hand when you meet them for the first time you may instinctively sense whether you can trust this person or not. For many people this is a profound feeling. It's an all-knowing feeling in your heart and gut that something is wrong."

"You may not know exactly why or have any logical reasoning for feeling that way, but in that very moment, you know to listen and to trust that overwhelming feeling of danger. Conversely it can also be a warm feeling of inner peace and love in your heart. Knowing that everything is going to be okay," Wilson said.

Wilson believes that we can all tap into intuition, if we know how. He suggests not trying to use it if you are very stressed or running on adrenalin.

"Don't use your intuition if you are using your head too much. If you are using your ego at that time, your intuition will not be able to come through. Generally this is a place of fear, so it is not a good time as you will be too reactive," Wilson said.

Instead, use your intuition when you are calm, not rushed and have time to think things over. Ever have really clear thoughts in the middle of the night? This is why.

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Being alone and in nature night help you tap into your intuition.

"There are simple yet powerful steps that make all the difference in how you can let go and settle your mind -- especially your ego," Wilson said.

"It's time to connect more intuitively and lovingly with yourself and in all of your relationships."

Close your eyes for one to two minutes, then follow these steps:

  • Hear and then let go of your thoughts.
  • Allow all of your emotions to come forward.
  • Release negative emotions through your body, the floor and into the earth.
  • Visualise and feel happy times -- your children, partner, family or animals. Love with all your heart.
  • Coming from a happier and more loving place, now confidently trust your intuition.

"Clearing your mind from negativity and your heart from fear allows your ego to feel safer and less threatened. The more connected and loving you are towards yourself, the less need there is for your ego."

"Let go of your ego today and use the power of your intuition to connect more deeply with all of your relationships for the better. Learning how to correctly access and use your birth-given intuition can help you think better, feel better and be even healthier," Wilson said.