04/10/2017 08:54 BST | Updated 04/10/2017 08:57 BST

This Harry Potter Parody Features Tony Abbott And The Postal Survey

It's pretty funny, but it makes a good point.


It's some welcome comic relief in a time filled with political controversy.

We've all seen our fair share of 'Harry Potter' political metaphors and spin-offs, but this one, complete with Tony Abbot's face superimposed over Uncle Vernon's, has a really important message.

Youtuber Ace Alderman went ahead and created 'Harry Potter And The Postal Survey' as another way to question the validity of the Same-Sex Marriage Survey.

The video stars Harry, Dudley and Tony Abbott as Uncle Vernon. There's also a special appearance by Dr Pansy Lai -- who you'd remember as the doctor featured in the Coalition For Marriage advertisment -- as Aunt Petunia.

The video ends saying, 'Survey closes Oct. 26. (Literally pointless, but let's win it anyway)'. The ABS strongly encourages all voters to return their survey forms by the October 27, however the final cut off for votes is November 7.

On Tuesday, the ABS revealed that 9.2 million of the 16 million survey forms issued two weeks ago have been returned. This indicates that more than half of registered Australian voters (57.7 percent) have participated in the Same-Sex Marriage Survey.