WATCH: Could This Robbie Wessels Video Be Leon Schuster 2.0?

This Robbie Wessels music video is crazy and funny in a uniquely South African way.
Robbie Wessels.
Robbie Wessels.

Afrikaans singer and comedian Robbie Wessels' music video for his song "Mphe di hoenor" smacks of the same kind of humour that funnyman Leon Schuster has employed over the years.

In the video, Wessels, dressed in veldskoens, khaki shorts, a checkered shirt and a spottie hat, heads to the streets to get something to eat. "Pedestrians" start dancing involuntarily to his catchy refrain. He is then "robbed" by a "tsotsi", but manages to con the robber and then finishes off the last piece of chicken left in the barrel.

It is certainly a zany earworm, but probably not everyone's cup of tea.

Watch the video: