16/11/2017 07:41 GMT | Updated 16/11/2017 08:29 GMT

If You've Always Wanted A New Term For A 'Quickie', Papa Penny's Got Your Back

Now everybody say "chicken rush".

Penny Penny during the shoot of his music video.

It's an open secret that Wednesdays officially belong to Penny Penny -- his reality show claims the number-one spot on the trending column week after week and this week was no exception.

The latest episode of the show, "Papa Penny Ahee", which airs on Mzansi Magic, left people grateful to the 57-year-old, whose real name is Eric Kobane.

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Speaking of how his first born son was conceived, Penny Penny said he and his girlfriend at the time had "just a chicken rush" interaction.

He also said the child had not been planned.

"We just did 'Ahee' (intercourse) and then she was pregnant," the "Gold Bone" singer said during one of his diaries on the show.

And now he's hired a private investigator to help him find the child (who's now 38 years old).

Penny Penny said he could not be part of his son's life because, at the time, interracial relationships were unlawful in the country.

During the episode, he also took us behind the scenes of his music video shoot for "Gold Bone" and people loved it.

Here are some of the reactions to the episode:

His secret to looking younger? Well, wonder no more:

Watch Penny Penny's music video here: