27/11/2017 15:06 GMT | Updated 28/11/2017 06:46 GMT

Vaginal 'Firming Lotions' Do Not Work, Warn Doctors

"I want to ask why a vagina must smell like a sweet flower, but I won't..."

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The misconceptions around vaginal health abound. Anyone who has one, or even if they don't, seems to think they know best how to "maintain" it -- and sometimes this knowledge is more harmful than good.

Thanks to local docs Dr Sindisiwe van Zyl and Dr Tlaleng Mofokeng -- who regularly and liberally share some illuminating truths about sexual health on social media -- some of these misconceptions are being corrected and or dismissed.

Most recently, Dr van Zyl dispelled some myths about vaginal "firming" lotions.

And you would be shocked to learn what some women use to "tighten" their lady parts:

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In a previous thread of the same topic, Dr Mofokeng cautioned against the effects of some of these tightening mechanisms:

Previously, Dr van Zyl pointed out that work must also be done in the home -- where older women teach younger women that a vagina must always smell 'fresh' and recommend some of these harmful tightening concoctions:

Dr T couldn't have said it best:

Thank you Dr van Zyl and Dr Mofokeng -- for schooling us on these very important matters.