28/11/2017 09:51 GMT | Updated 28/11/2017 13:09 GMT

Snoozing Woman Gets Hilariously Woken Up In The Middle Of A Classical Concert

Here’s why you should never doze off at the orchestra.

Some music lovers are riveted by every note of an orchestra performance, while others use it as a chance to take a snooze. 

If you’re in the latter camp, let this clip from California’s North State Symphony orchestra be a warning. 

A woman apparently dozed off during a performance of “The Firebird” by Igor Stravinsky, only to wake up with a scream at the crash of a drum. 

Much of the audience laughed, and even music director Scott Seaton smiled and snuck a quick look over his shoulder as he conducted the orchestra. 

“Yes, Stravinsky can still be a surprise over a century later!” he later tweeted. 

Check it out above. 

H/T Mashable