10/12/2017 22:57 GMT

Monster Storm Swallows NFL Game

Field-clearing dragons, please.

It’s Sunday, and while there are no new episodes of “Game Of Thrones” scheduled since the conclusion of season seven back in August, the Buffalo Bills’ hosting the Indianapolis Colts was pretty close.

Winter had arrived in Buffalo. 

The teams adjusted to the blizzard conditions as one would expect, celebrating sacks not with choreographed dances, but rather with snowball fights.

The snow accumulated so much that, by the fourth quarter, the Colts had to clear the ground so their kicker Adam Vinatieri could hit the extra point.

Vinatieri and the Colts did complete the extra point, tying the Bills at 7, and sending the battle into overtime. The score was essentially 0-0 again, but within the hearts of the Bills burned the fire of a thousand dragons.

With 1:40 remaining in overtime, Bills running back LeSean McCoy broke through the Colts’ defensive wall like the flame of Viserion, giving the Bills the walk-off win. 

This win gives the Bills a winning record of 7-6, while the Colts felt further to 3-10.

However, the real winners were the fans, because like “Game Of Thrones,” if you’ve survived till the end, that’s quite an accomplishment.

When reached for comment, the Night King shivered, saying, “Oof, those guys are nuts. ... Respect.”