Gorillas Go Ape For Touni’S 10th Birthday

A popular gorilla is celebrating her 10th birthday – her first as a mother.

Touni moved to Bristol Zoo two years ago from La Vallee des Singes zoo in France and was introduced to silverback Jock.

In April this year she gave birth to her first baby, Ayana.

Mammals team leader Sarah Gedman, who spent time with Touni in France and accompanied her back to Bristol, said: “She is a really good mum. She’s quite protective and she doesn’t let Ayana go off too far on her own.”

Touni and her six fellow gorillas marked her birthday with a special treat of coconuts.

Ms Gedman said: “Jock and adult female gorillas will break open the coconuts with their teeth, the younger ones will smash them against hard surfaces.

“They all like the water in coconuts, it’s an enriching challenge for them and coconuts are similar to the tough skinned fruits gorillas would find in the wild.”