31/01/2018 17:09 GMT

Man Rehearsed Fantasy With Undercover Officer Before Rape, Court Told

A builder has rubbished claims he acted out chat log sex fantasies when he kidnapped and raped two young women, leaving one dead in a freezer.

Mujahid Arshid, 33, was allegedly caught by an undercover officer offering up a teenage “girlfriend” for sex on the internet in 2013.

During explicit exchanges, they talked about the officer being “Johnnied up” and using a vibrator while Arshid photographed the rape, the court heard.

When confronted by police, Arshid claimed a labourer called Zaheed was to blame and no further action was taken.

Then in July 2017, he allegedly kidnapped and raped the same woman and his niece, Celine Dookhran, 20, at a house he was renovating in Kingston, south west London.

The prosecution claims he used condoms when he raped them, and forced a vibrator on one victim, who cannot be identified.

Afterwards he allegedly cut their throats, leaving Ms Dookhran’s body in a freezer and the other woman badly injured.

But giving evidence, Arshid claimed he had consensual sex with both women, saying he kept the vibrator belonging to one of them in his pick-up truck.

He has alleged the unnamed woman killed Ms Dookhran and attacked him after catching them in the bedroom.

Cross-examining, Crispin Aylett QC said: “As it happens your former disgruntled employee Zaheed had a fantasy about using a vibrator (on the woman) in the chat log.

“I suggest Zaheed is in the witness box at the Old Bailey.

“You are not getting off on this Mr Arshid, saying the most revolting things as you can think of about (her)?”

Arshid said the chat log was a “load of rubbish”.

The prosecutor went on:  “What it amounts to is committing an act of rape using a vibrator and using a condom to protect the rapist from leaving any trace of what they have done.”

Arshid, who had been trying for a baby with his wife at the time, denied he was the man in the chat logs and insisted using a condom was “no guarantee of anything”.

When challenged about his account, the defendant replied: “When you are a tradesman there are lots of stranger things going on.”

He told the jury a man would drop what he was doing if “sex comes on the table” even though he accepted as a married man it was morally wrong.

Asked if he loved the surviving woman, with whom he claimed to be in a sexual relationship, he said: “Love is a strong word. It was complicated.”

Mr Aylett also suggested he planned to use Ms Dookhran’s £13,000 savings to pay off his accomplice.

He said: “You got Celine to transfer money from her savings account to her current account so you could get access to it so you could pay Vincent Tappu for his part in the kidnap.”

The defendant denied it, saying: “Vincent Tappu was never involved in anything. There was no sinister plot, this is almost ridiculous.”

Arshid, formerly of south-west London, denies murder, attempted murder, rape of both women and the previous sexual assault and assault by penetration of the surviving woman when she was about 13.

Together with Tappu, 28, from Acton, west London, he has also pleaded not guilty to the women’s kidnap and false imprisonment, and possession of a firearm with intent.