01/02/2018 13:27 GMT

Corbyn: Labour Would Maintain Close EU Links For Business

Labour would ensure that British firms and universities continue to have “close relationships” with the European Union, Jeremy Corbyn has said.

The Labour leader said he would seek to “ensure they are part of our negotiations” during the Brexit process.

Mr Corbyn faces pressure from within his own ranks to commit Labour to staying in the single market and customs union.

Such a commitment, which would see only minor post-Brexit change and would maintain free movement of people, would risk alienating Leave-backing voters in some of the party’s heartlands.

Instead the Labour leader told the Press Association: “What we plan is a tariff-free trade relationship with Europe, a form of customs union, and a trade relationship that guarantees our manufacturing industry and our service industries can continue to trade with Europe and they can continue to trade with us.

“Every major company has very close relationships with Europe. Every university has close relationships with Europe.

“We intend to maintain those relationships and ensure that they are part of our negotiations.

“And that is the case that we have put all the way through the debate in Parliament and we will continue to do so.”