09/02/2018 16:55 GMT | Updated 10/02/2018 07:42 GMT

Alasdair Gray Work Never Seen In Public Goes On Show In Glasgow

A reworking of a 1965 mural by renowned writer and artist Alasdair Gray which has never been seen in public has been unveiled in Glasgow.

Gray, author of Lanark and Poor Things, created the work for a private house in the city’s west end more than 40 years ago.

For the new project he collaborated with Roger Farnham, an engineer, photographer and printmaker who has known Gray for 30 years and artist Lin Chau, who worked with him on the Hillhead Subway mural project.

Large format photography and computer and printing technology has been used to create a full size (4m high) inkjet print of the work.

David McDonald, depute leader of Glasgow City Council, said: “Alasdair Gray is widely considered to be Scotland’s greatest living artist being both a leading figure in Scottish literature and visual art, and I am delighted that he has brought this exhibition to The Lighthouse.

“His work is loved by Glaswegians, and giving people this unique opportunity to view a work that relatively few people have ever seen in the flesh makes this a must-visit exhibition.”

A detail from Facsimilization by Alasdair Gray (Glasgow City Council/PA)

Gray, who was badly injured in a fall at his home in 2015 which affected his mobility, attended the unveiling of the work on Friday.

The exhibition also includes wood engravings based on details of the original work.

Although the original has never been seen by the general public, it was photographed by Oscar Marzaroli – a neighbour of Roger Farnham – in 1965 and later published in Marzaroli’s book Shades of Grey.

Alasdair Gray at the unveiling of the Facsimilization exhibition (Glasgow City Council/PA)

A large print of the Marzaroli photograph will be on display, and will show the whole work.

Facsimilization will officially open in the Review Gallery at The Lighthouse between February 12 and March 25, although visitors can see some of the exhibition from February 10.

Gray has painted several murals in Glasgow’s west end including at the Ubiquitous Chip and Oran Mor.