09/02/2018 10:43 GMT | Updated 09/02/2018 10:43 GMT

Binge Alert: The 7 Hottest Shows To Watch On Netflix This Weekend

You will probably find yourself saying: "Just one more episode..."

Fertnig via Getty Images

The urge to binge-watch series till late at night is nothing out of the ordinary. It sure beats boredom!

According to Netflix, 61 percent of its viewers admit to binge-watching regularly. Last year South Africans watched 1-billion hours of Netflix, with "The Crown" topping the viewing figures.

There is a range of new shows being released this month, so here are the upcoming Netflix attractions most likely to have you saying: "Just one more episode..."

1. Altered Carbon

What's it about? Sci-fi set in the distant future, about a human consciousness that can transcend into different bodies.

2. Queer Eye

What's it about? Five gay stylists working with fashion-challenged people to make their lives fabulous.

3. Coach Snoop

What's it about? Sport – it follows hip-hop artist Snoop Dogg as he coaches a team of teenagers in the Snoop Youth Football League.

4. Body And Soul

What's it about? European story about socially awkward coworkers in Budapest, Hungary, who form a bond through a mysterious mystic connection that manifests in a dream.

5. Everything Sucks

What's it about? Coming-of-age show about a group of boys who hate high school.

6. Seven Seconds

What's it about? Thriller – how long does it take to bury the truth?

7. The Ritual

What's it about? Horror – the deeper you go, the scarier it becomes.