16/02/2018 07:37 GMT | Updated 16/02/2018 08:02 GMT

Our Favourite Zexit Designs From The Week That Was

From illustrations to catchy headlines, these are the ones you need to see.

There were few media organisations in South Africa, and the world, who didn't have their own "Zexit" coverage plan, and after the week that was, the titles have all delivered some stunning coverage of former president Jacob Zuma's demise.

Here are a few of our favourite designs, illustrations and headlines from the week that Zuma resigned from the presidential office.

Our own HuffPost cover, of course, was something we are very proud of. The team worked with talented designer Theuns Kruger from Graphics24 to design a special The End graphic inspired by the iconic Italian cartoon La Linea (in addition to another 'The End' front page graphic featured below).

Theuns Kruger / Graphics24
HuffPost front page image following the resignation of Jacob Zuma as President of South Africa, 14 February, 2018.

The Mail & Guardian later in the week published their own The End cover, which we also really liked.

The Star also had a poetic title and lead image.

Beeld's clever "Uit...eindelik!" (literally 'finally' but also, 'Out...the end!') got us right in the jugular.

Newsweek also had a fabulous illustration by creative Sylvia McKeown.

The Sowetan also did a great illustration, capturing the confusion and hope we all felt on the day.


Once again, South African media did not disappoint. What a time to be alive!