27/03/2018 11:52 BST

Vending Machines Now Offer Chocolates, Drinks And Cars

The whole process takes around 10 minutes.

A giant car vending machine in China allows you to pick a car via an app, test-drive it by using a selfie and then buy it all without speaking to a single human being.

Now buying a car is a very big deal for most of us, especially if you’re one of the lucky few that can actually buy one brand-new.

Yet despite this, Ford and Alibaba are looking to make buying a car as easy as picking a snack from a vending machine.


Don’t let the giant cat at the top of the building fool you either, this isn’t just a stunt and in fact the whole process of buying the car is designed around some fairly strict rules.

You see not just anyone can walk up and try the cars, instead if you want to walk up and test drive one for free you’ll need to have an Alibaba credit rating of 700 or above.

Anyone below that rating will have to pay a fee just to try the car out at all, let alone then actually buying it.


If you did want to use the ‘Super Test-Drive Center’ then the process is remarkably (scarily) simple.

You pick the car using your Tmail app, put down a deposit electronically and then confirm your identity by taking a selfie on your phone.

China Stringer Network / Reuters

Once you arrive at the vending machine it will use a camera and match your face with the selfie that you’ve uploaded. The car will be released to you and you’re free to take it away for three days.

If after that period you like it (and your credit score is high enough) you’ll be allowed to buy the car using one of Alibaba’s approved financing programs.