Queen Elizabeth II's Epic Easter Hats Through The Years

Serving royal Easter fashion like no other!

When we think of Easter fashion, the first thing that pops into our minds is hats.

Elaborate headpieces in pastel-colored hues have become the must-have accessory for church ladies on the religious holiday. And there's no other royal who takes this tradition as seriously as the U.K.'s Queen Elizabeth II.

Her Majesty's reputation for choosing expertly crafted hats over crowns has resulted in her wearing more than 5,000 hats during her reign, according to ABC News London. She's worn designs by some of the top milliners such as Frederick Fox, Philip Somerville and Rachel Trevor Morgan.

In a 2007 letter to Somerville, the Queen expressed her gratitude to the late hatmaker for his loyalty and patience. She wrote, "I am very glad to hear that you will still be able to work for me ... I know how difficult business can be nowadays ― specially with matching fabrics for someone like me who must be almost the only person who wears hats constantly!"

As we get ready to step out in our finest threads on Sunday, it's only fitting that we recognise the queen of Easter hats, Queen Elizabeth II. Scroll down to check out her biggest and brightest hats, and tell us which one you like most on Twitter.