04/04/2018 15:15 BST | Updated 04/04/2018 15:52 BST

Facebook Poll Asks People If They Thinks It’s ‘Good For The World’

Only a select number of people have been sent the poll.

Following Facebook’s tough few weeks the company has now actually started asking some of its users if they the social network is “good for the world.”

The question was a snap poll that Facebook has reportedly been sending to an unspecified number of users across the world, so while some of you may have seen it in person, others may never get it.

What do you think?

Facebook often runs snap polls like this in order to gauge public opinion around either its new or existing features.

As an example just moments after starting this article a pop-up appeared on Facebook asking us if we think that “Facebook cares about its users”.

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It’s likely that many of us will start seeing a lot more of these polls as the company looks to undo some of the damage that was done surrounding the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Indeed in January Mark Zuckerberg had already stated that his goal in 2018 was the “fix Facebook”.

As part of those changes the company has already set about changing the way that it promotes news, helps people create communities and control the data that they share with Facebook.